Academic Scholarships for Freshmen

Newberry College offers achievement-based scholarship programs for incoming freshmen. These are designed to recognize and reward outstanding high school graduates who plan to enroll in degree programs at Newberry College. While not mandatory, distinguished achievements in areas such as the following will enhance a student’s candidacy: Art; Athletics participation; Cheerleading; Marching, Jazz, Big-Band or Combo, and Concert Band; Club participation; Communications (Newspaper, Yearbook, Radio, Television, etc.); Community Service; Creative Writing; Debate/Forensics; Leadership; Music, Science or Mathematics competitions; Theatre; Religious activities; Scouting; or other youth organizations.

The SAT scores used to determine eligibility for scholarships are computed using the Critical Reading and Math scores only. In the case of ACT, the composite score determines eligibility. These scholarships are not stackable. If a student is awarded a higher scholarship based on improved test scores, the higher scholarship will replace the one that was previously awarded. Scholarship funds may not be available for late applicants; students are advised to apply to the College before the March 1 priority date.

Students may combine Newberry College awards with state academic awards, including those offered by South Carolina.