Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty members are part-time employees of the College or Staff who teach nine semester hours or fewer each semester.

ALYSSA ANSTEY, Instructor of Music (2020);
B.A., Newberry College, 2016;
M.M., University of South Carolina, 2019. 

CYNTHIA AULBACH, Instructor of Biology (2009).
B.S., University of South Carolina, 1975;
M.S., University of South Carolina, 1979;
M.A.T., Liberty University, 2012.

GEORGE BANNER, Instructor of Education (2019);
B.S., East Tennessee State University, 2004;
M.S., The Citadel, 2006.

MADELINE BEITEL, Instructor of Music (2018);
B.M. East Carolina University, 2013;
M.M. University of South Carolina, 2016.

LEE BRASCHE, Instructor of Music (2019);
B.A. Pfeiffer University, 1985;
M.M. Columbia College, 1993.

MORGAN BRAVO, Instructor of Biology, (2021)
B.A. Newberry College, 2010
M.E. Columbia College, 2012
M.S. Clemson University, 2021

LISA BROCKINGTON, Instructor of Nursing, (2021)
B.A., College of Charleston, 2001
B.S., Francis Marion University, 2016
M.S., Francis Marion University, 2020

MARY BETH BUSSELL, Instructor of English (2010);
B.A., University of South Carolina, 1982;
M.Ed., University of South Carolina, 1985.

JENNIFER BUTLER, Instructor of Social Work, (2020).
B.S.W. Winthrop University, 1995.
M.S.W. University of South Carolina, 1998.
Non-profit Management Certificate, Winthrop University, 2015.

LARRY CAMERON, Instructor of Graphic Design/Photography and Communications (2014);
B.A., Broadcast Journalism, University of South Carolina, 1973;
M.A., Media Studies, University of South Carolina, 1980.

JAMES CHOCKLETT, Instructor of Chemistry (2013);
B.S., Newberry College, 2004,
M.S., Eastern Kentucky University, 2013.

DAKOTA CORBLISS, Instructor of Music (2018);
B.M.E., Virginia Polytechnic University and State University, 2013;
B.A., Virginia Polytechnic University and State University, 2013;
M.M., University of Miami, 2015.

TROY CRUMP, Instructor of Forensic Science (2017);
B.S. Kaplan University, 2008;
M.S. Anderson University, 2016.

MARTHA DORRELL, Instructor of Social Work (2006);
B. A., Newberry College, 1982;
M.S.W., University of South Carolina, 1984.

DONIVAN EDWARDS, Instructor of Education (2019);
B.A. Newberry College, 1977;
M.A. Lynchburg College, 1988;
E.D.S. Liberty University, 2019.

LEGUN EMMANWORI, Instructor of Mathematics, (2021)
B.S., West Virginia University
M.S., New Mexico Institute of Technology
Ph.D., North Carolina A&T State University

FRAZIER, BRAD, Instructor of Organizational Development and Leadership
B.A., Pfeiffer College, 1992
M.B.A., Pfeiffer College, 2004
Ph.D., Lynn University, 2009

AUSTIN GABORIAU, Instructor of Music, (2013).
B.M., University of South Carolina, 2012.
M.M., University of South Carolina, 2014.
D.M.A., University of South Carolina, 2020.

STEPHEN FLYNN, Instructor of Physical Education (2017);
B.S. Newberry College, 2006.

NEILL HANCE, Instructor of Theatre and Speech (2010);
B.A., Furman University, 1978;
M.F.A., University of North Carolina-Greensboro, 1985.
D.M.A. University of South Carolina.

CATHERINE HAZAN, Instructor of Music (2018)
B.A., Converse College, 1986;
M.B.A., Winthrop University, 1989;
M.M., Catholic University, 1994.

ERIC HENSON, Instructor of Music, (2020).
B.S. Ed. Western Carolina University, 2006.
M.M. University of Maryland, 2009.
D.M.A, University of South Carolina, 2021.

CORY HIGH, Instructor of Music (2018);
B.M.E. University of Florida, 2013;
M.M. Lee University, 2015.

MELODIE HUNNICUTT, Instructor of Psychology
B.A., Wingate College, 1980;
M. Ed., University of South Carolina, 1986;
Ed. S., Wingate University, 2017;
Ed. D., Wingate University, 2018;

ALY HUSSEIN, Instructor of Mathematics, (2021)
B.S., Alexandria University, Egypt
M.S., University of South Carolina
Ph.D., University of South Carolina

MARJORIE HUWA, Instructor of Art and Graphic Design (2010);
B.F.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1984.

LEANNE JOYNER, Instructor of Science, (2021)
B.S., Winthrop University
M.A., Phoenix University

KELLEY G. KELLY, Instructor of Business Administration (2011);
B.A., Southern Wesleyan University, 2006;
M.S.M., Southern Wesleyan University, 2008.

DENNIS LAMBRIES, Instructor of Political Science (2016);
B.A. Chapman University, 1980;
M.A. University of South Carolina, 1981;
Ph.D. University of South Carolina, 2009.

PATRICIA DANIELLE LEWIS, Instructor of Sociology (2016);
B.A., University of South Carolina, 2006;
M.A., University of South Carolina, 2009;
Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 2015.

TZU-YING LIAO, Instructor of Music (2019);
B.A., Taiwan National University of Arts, 2009;
M.M., University of South Carolina, 2012.

EMILY LIVINGSTON, Instructor of Nursing (2020);
B.S.N., Medical University of South Carolina;
M.S.N., Medical University of South Carolina, 2007.
D.N.P., Medical University of South Carolina, 2020.

TIMOTHY LYDEN, Instructor of Education (2020);
B.A., Youngstown State University, 1979;
M.Ed., Capella University, 1999.

ERNEST LYERLY, Instructor of Science (2014);
B. S. Ed., Georgia Southern, 1971.

SARAH LYON, Instructor of Physical Education (2012);
B.S., Kean University, 2010;
Athletic Training Certified, 2010;
Registered Orthopedic Technologist, 2010;
M.S. East Stroudsburg University, 2011;
South Carolina Athletic Trainer, 2012.

WAYNE MAYHALL, Instructor of Philosophy (2018);
M.A.C.T Bethel College and Seminary;
M.S.H.E. Kaplan University, Online Teaching;
M.A.B. Trinity Graduate School.

JAMES MERINAR, Instructor of Chemistry (2020)
B.S. Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, 1990;
M.S. Lehigh University, 2009.

CARL MOORE, Instructor of English (2018);
B.S. The University of Phoenix, 2005;
M.B.A. American Intercontinental University, 2006;
M.F.A. Queens College, 2009.

JUDITH NEFF, Instructor of Nursing, (2021)
B.S.N., Wright State University, 1990
M.A. LED, Columbia International University, 2020
D.N.P., PNP-PC, Maryville University, 2020

NELSON, JESSICA, Instructor of Mathematics, (2021)
B.S., Harvey Mudd College, 2006
Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 2012

JERAMY OROPEZA, Instructor of Music, (2021).
B.A. Erskine College, 2007.
M.M. Erskine Theological Seminary, 2010.

APRIL PADGETT, Instructor of Psychology, (2021)
B.A. Newberry College, 2014
M.S. Southern New Hampshire University, 2017
Ph.D., Capella University, expected 2022

SUSIE PIPPIN, Instructor of Nursing (2010);
A.D.N., Midlands Technical College, 1988;
B.S.N., University of South Carolina, 1998;
M.N., University of Phoenix, 2008.

JENNIFER PRESSLEY, Instructor of Mathematics, (2021)
B.S., Presbyterian College
M.S. Bob Jones University

KEITH RINGER, Instructor of Political Science (1991).
B.A., Newberry College; 1984
M.P.A., University of South Carolina. 1987

TONY ROEBUCK, Instructor of Music (2018);
B.A., University of South Carolina, 1995;
B.S., University of South Carolina, 1996;
M.M., University of South Carolina, 2003;
D.M.A., University of South Carolina, 2009.

ROLLINS, TIERA, Instructor of Mathematics, (2021)
B.A. University of Delaware, 2014
M.S., University of Delaware, 2015

STEVEN SCHWEIZER, Emeritus Professor of Political Science (2016)
B.S., Truman University, 1971;
M.A., Truman University, 1973;
Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia, 1984;

ANDREW SHEFFIELD, Instructor of Music (2018);
B.M. University of Cincinnati, 2007;
M.M. University of Missouri, 2009.

MATTHEW SMITH, Instructor of Music (2006);
B.M., University of South Carolina, 1998;
B.S.B.A., University of South Carolina, 2000;   
M.B.A., Webster University, 2004.

JOANNA TINCHER, Instructor of Physical Education (2015);
B.A., Francis Marion University, 2004

LAUREN VAUGHN, Instructor of Music (2015);
B.M., Ohio State University, 2011;
M.M., University of Southern California, 2013;
D.M.A., University of South Carolina, 2016.

CYRUS WAINWRIGHT, Instructor of Physical Education (2016);
B.S., Newberry College, 2009;
M.S., St. Cloud State University, 2011.

MARY WILKS, Instructor of Nursing (2018);
B.S.N. South University, 2017;
M.S.N. South University, 2018.

JACKI WISLER, Instructor of Organizational Development and Leadership
M.B.A., Drexel University
Ed.D., Argosy University, 2015