Admission for the Summer Sessions

Two terms of four (4) weeks each are offered in the College’s Summer Session.  Students may enter college as freshmen or transfers during the summer by completing the entrance requirements and the Summer Session Application. Students attending other colleges or universities (transient) who plan to attend only the Summer Session must complete the Summer Session Application and have it signed by the proper official of the college they attend during the regular academic year.

Teachers who apply for Summer Session must have a valid Teacher’s Certificate and may have their supervisor sign the Summer Session Application in lieu of going through the formal application process.

New students (i.e., freshmen, transfers, and special students) must file the Summer Session Application with the Office of Enrollment Management. Currently enrolled students should obtain their summer registration forms from the Office of the Registrar. Transient students and teachers should file the Summer Session Application with the Registrar at least one week prior to the start date for the term in which they plan to enroll. Summer Session Applications are available from the Office of Enrollment Management, the Office of the Registrar, and the Registrar’s webpage on the College website.