Admission Procedures and Policies for International Students

Newberry College welcomes students from countries outside the United States. International students are valued for the great cultural resources they bring to the Newberry College community.

International applicants for both freshman and transfer admission must submit the following:

  • Newberry College application or Common Application (both available online)
  • Scores from the SAT or ACT (freshmen and transfer students with fewer than 24 credits).
  • Scores from the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). A TOEFL score of 71 on the internet based exam, 525 on the paper version, or 197 on the computer version are generally preferred. The test may be waived for students whose primary language is English or for students whose medium of instruction is English. Students choosing to take the APIEL (Advanced Placement International English Language Exam) should score at least a 3.
  • Transcript evaluation from an approved international transcript evaluation organization ( for all foreign transcripts. Final official evaluation review by international transcript evaluator must be submitted to our office directly from evaluation organization. Applicants should submit original copies of transcript or graduation certificate to the Admission Office as part of their admission application.
  • International student athletes can submit original copies of final transcripts and graduation certificates and may be used in conjunction with final NCAA Clearinghouse documented GPA and transcript evaluation.
  • All international students must submit a final transcript evaluation that shows final high school or college grades and the level of degree or diploma earned.
  • Affidavit of Support (United States Immigration Document I-134) and all supporting documentation as outlined in the I-134 including: a notarized bank statement showing the student has enough financial sponsorship for the cost of the upcoming academic year. The College cannot assume responsibility for changes in national policy relating to funds transfer outside the student’s native country.

International students should apply for admission well before their anticipated date of enrollment because of the delay involved in international communications and the time-sensitive nature of obtaining the student visa.