Appealing Grades

Grade appeals may be lodged through official College channels only for the grade of “FA,” Failure Due to Absences, or for final course grades. Students must begin this appeal process by completing a “Grade Appeal” form in the Office of the Registrar. “FA” appeals must begin within five class days of the date on the notification of the grade, and final grade appeals must begin within the first five class days into the next regular semester.

After the form is filed with the Registrar, the student should next talk with the faculty member to try to resolve the issue.  If the issue is not resolved satisfactorily at this informal level, the student should submit a written appeal to the faculty member’s Department Chair; or if the faculty member is a Chair, to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Chair or Vice President for Academic Affairs will consult with both the student and the faculty member to attempt resolution.

If the student or faculty member is not satisfied with the response of the Chair or Vice President for Academic Affairs, the issue may be appealed to the Faculty Council. A signed petition and a written summary of the reasons for the prior decision should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar for presentation to the Faculty Council. The student and the faculty member involved may appear before the Faculty Council.

The decision of the Faculty Council is final.