In summer 2012 a Core Committee was formed and charged with developing a new Newberry College Core Curriculum.  At that time, it was determined that a new Core Curriculum was necessary in order to better enable Newberry College students to meet general education competencies, including critical thinking, communication, and quantitative literacy.  Also, the Core Curriculum was designed to better align with the new Newberry College Mission Statement and goals, which emphasize intellectual development, personal development, meaningful vocation, and engaged citizenship in a global society. Through the Core Curriculum, students are expected to encounter the basic content and methodology of the principal areas of knowledge: humanities and fine arts, social and behavioral sciences, and natural sciences and mathematics, while learning basic skills to help prepare for life after graduation.  In order to achieve these objectives, the new Core Curriculum was structured around the Newberry College Learning Ecosystem:

  • Personal and Community Formation (“purpose focus”) – First-year core consisting of common courses for all freshmen, including Inquiry courses
  • Liberal and Empathetic Education (“knowledge focus”) – Clusters of study/Perspectives Courses/Tagged Courses
  • Professional and Knowledge Expertise (“expertise focus”) –Capstone experience within each major (hours within major)
  • Collaborative Learning and Practice (“collaborative focus”) –thematic/interdisciplinary courses
  • Intellectual, Social, and Civic Engagement (“praxis focus”) – Experiential Learning through student Internships/Practicums/Study Abroad or Study Away