Core Curriculum Requirements

Newberry College's core curriculum requirements are tied to the school's mission statement: Newberry College prepares students in the Lutheran liberal arts tradition through our supportive academic community for lifelong intellectual and personal development, meaningful vocation, and engaged citizenship in the global society.

General Core Curriculum Requirements


Designation (hours) – Course and/or Area


Intellectual and Personal Development (mission statement area 1)
(3 hours): COL 101 and 102 - College Life - or - HON 101
FT (2 hours): FIT 1xx - Fitness for Life
EN (3 hours): ENG 113 - First-Year Composition - grade of C or better required
SP (3 hours): SPE 110 - Speech
WI (3 hours): Writing Intensive - prerequisite: grade of C or better in ENG 113 


Meaningful Vocation (mission statement area 2)
(3 hours): REL 110 or 12x - Religion
IQ (3 hours): INQ 101 - Inquiry
SB (3 hours): Social and Behavioral Sciences
MA (3 hours): Mathematics
LS (4 hours): Laboratory Science


Engaged Citizenship in the Global Society (mission statement area 3)
LA (3 hours): Additional Language
GL (3 hours): Global Learning
CE (3 hours): Civic Engagement
HF (3 hours): Humanities and Fine Arts
EX (3 hours): Explore (only offered in J-Term or May Term)


Note: No single course can fulfill more than one general core requirement.

Exceptions to General Core Curriculum Requirements

Major(s) Exception
B.A. in Music Students in this major are exempt from the COL 102 and FT requirements (3 hours total).

Bachelor of Music (B.M.)
Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E.)

Students in these majors are exempt from the COL 102, FT, and MA requirements (6 hours total).


Major Core Curriculum Requirements

In addition to the general core curriculum requirements, each major has designated courses in the following areas:


Professional Communication (mission statement area 1)


Professional Ethics (mission statement area 2)


Professional Civic Engagement (mission statement area 3)

Note: Any course that fulfills a major core requirement cannot also fulfill a general core requirement.