Course Load

For purposes of housing and financial aid requirements, students must be enrolled in a minimum of twelve credit (12) hours each semester in order to be considered full-time. Generally, fifteen (15) to seventeen (17) semester hours constitutes a normal semester load, although students may enroll in as many as eighteen (18) hours without additional tuition or special permission. Students who desire to register for more than eighteen (18) hours, however, are required to secure the written authorization of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (or his/her designee). Except for Summerland Honors Students, who may enroll in as many as twenty-one (21) semester hours at no additional charge, students enrolled in overload hours will be charged for each additional hour above eighteen (18).  Generally, students seeking permission for overload credits must possess a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher.

Most courses give three semester hours credit and meet for a minimum of forty-one (41) - fifty (50)-minute classes or twenty-seven (27) - seventy-five (75) minute classes plus a final examination. During the summer sessions, three-semester-hour classes meet for one hundred and twenty-five (125) minutes for eighteen (18) class days.

Students in Newberry Online programs must enroll and earn credit for at least 12 credit hours each term (includes two consecutive sub-terms) in order to be classified as full time and thus eligible for financial aid, if available. Full-time Newberry Online students may enroll in no more than 15 credit hours each term (includes two consecutive sub-terms).