Determination of Enrollment Status

The Admission Committee of Newberry College considers the scholastic performance and personal background of each candidate and makes admission decisions based upon the following criteria:

  • Type of high school curriculum completed
  • Grade point average overall, and on academic subjects
  • Official ACT or SAT score report
  • Extra-curricular activities and leadership
  • Other relevant factors (part-time employment, community service, and volunteerism.)

Students whose academic records do not meet the minimum standards for admission may be selected by the Admission Committee for further review and conditional admission to the College. They should show a strong desire to attend Newberry College and have the aptitude to complete the four-year college program but have a shortcoming in their preparatory work that can be realistically strengthened or remediated.

Decisions are issued as soon as possible with prompt notification to the applicant. Final enrollment is contingent upon successful completion of high school course work in progress.  Following high school graduation, each admitted student must submit an official final transcript bearing the date of graduation.