Expenses of College

Fees are established by the administration and approved by the Board of Trustees for each academic year and must be paid in United States dollars. In developing annual tuition, fees, and room and board charges, the institution carefully considers the costs of college operations and the ability of students and parents to meet the required payments. As a result, Newberry College has traditionally offered a quality liberal arts education that is considered affordable in comparison with other private four-year colleges and universities.

Tuition and other fees cover approximately seventy-five percent (75%) of the cost of the total college program; the remainder is provided in the form of gift income from alumni, parents, friends, corporations, foundations, and the supporting Synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. In addition, Newberry has an endowment fund that earns investment income for scholarships and current operations.

Newberry College assists students in meeting education expenses through scholarships, grants, loans, and campus employment.