Faculty and Staff Emeriti

Dates in parentheses indicate the years of full-time service on the Newberry College Staff.

DALE KINARD BROWN, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of English Emerita (1991-2017);
B.A., Newberry College, 1966;
M.A., Western Carolina University, 1970.

LAWRENCE E. ELLIS, Director Emeritus of Library Services (1992-2012);
B.A., Florida Atlantic University, 1969;
M.S., Florida State University, 1970.

PETER L. FRENCH, President Emeritus (1995-1999);
B.A., Moravian College, 1960;
M.A., 1961; Ph.D., 1968, Yale University.

KATHLYN A. FRITZ, Professor Emerita of Sociology (1990-2008);
A.B., Lenoir-Rhyne College, 1968;
M. Phil., Yale University, 1971;
Ph.D., Yale University, 1975.

LEIGHTON HARTZOG, Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Accounting Emeritus (2002-2017);
B.A., Wofford College, 1971;
M.B.A., University of South Carolina, 1980;
CPA, State of South Carolina.

JOANNA D. INNES, Professor Emerita of English (1989-2002); Director of Writing Center (1991-2002);
B.A., Central Methodist College, 1959;
M.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1989.

WAYNE C. KANNADAY, Professor Emeritus of Religion, (1999-2021);
B.A., Newberry College, 1975;
M. Div., Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, 1979;
M.A., University of South Carolina, 1993;
Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 2002.

WILLIAM R. LONG, Professor Emeritus of Music and Director of Bands (1992-2013)
B.S.Ed., Black Hills State (S.D.) University, 1965;
M.A., University of Northern Colorado, 1969.

NORMAN E. MASTERS, jr., Professor Emeritus of Business Administration and Economics (1977-2009);
B.A., East Carolina University, 1970;
M.Com., University of Richmond, 1973; 
Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 1993.

CHRISTINA MCCARTHA, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry (2003-2022);
B.S., University of South Carolina, 1984;
Ph.D., Emory University, 1992.

JOSEPH A. MCDONALD, Professor Emeritus of Sociology (2006-2014);
B.A., University of Georgia, 1970;
M.A., University of Georgia, 1975;
Ph.D., University of Tennessee, 1981.

BETSY M. MCDOWELL, Professor Emerita of Nursing, (2007-2018)
B.S.N., University of South Carolina, 1971;
M.S.N., University of North Carolina, 1975;
Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 1997.

JULIE H. MCLEOD, Professor Emerita of Music (1961-2000);
A.B., Newberry College, 1959;
M.A., Columbia University, 1960;
D. M., (Honorary), Newberry College, 2006.

BRUCE NELLSMITH, Professor Emeritus of Art (1988-2021);
B.F.A., University of Georgia, 1981;
M.F.A., University of North Carolina, 1985.

NATHAN A. SCHROER, Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychology (1989-2012);
B.A. Defiance College, 1964;
M.A., Ball State University, 1966;
Ed.D., University of Idaho, 1972;
Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 1985.

STEVEN SCHWEIZER, Professor Emeritus of Political Science (2003, 2017);
B.S., Truman State University, 1971;
M.A., Truman State University, 1973;
Ph.D., University of Missouri—Columbia, 1984.

MARILYN DALLMAN SEYMOUR, Associate Professor Emerita of English (2009);
B.A., University of North Carolina-Charlotte, 1977;
M.A., Old Dominion University, 1987;
Ph.D., University of Tulsa, 2006.

VICTOR E. TERRANA, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics; Charles Ezra Daniel Professor of Mathematics (1995-2012);
B.S., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1967;
Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1979.

JOHN W. WAGNER, Professor Emeritus of Music (1965-2002); Department Chair (1988-2000);
B.Mus., DePauw University, 1959;
M.Mus., Florida State University, 1961;
Ph.D., Indiana University, 1969.

T. OTIS WALKER, Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics/Physics, (1983-2023)
B.S., Furman University, 1972
M.S., Clemson University, 1975
Ph.D., Clemson University, 1978

JAMES A. WILHIDE, Professor Emeritus of Education (1990-2002);
B.S., Youngstown (Ohio) State University, 1960;
M.Ed., University of Arizona, 1968;
Ed.D., University of South Carolina, 1985.

VINETTA GOODWIN WITT, Professor Emerita of Sociology, Department Chair (1999, 2020);
B.A., South Carolina State University, 1976;
M.A., Clark-Atlanta University, 1977;
Gerontology Certificate, University of South Carolina, 1998;
Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 1999.