Financial Obligations and Refunds

The College has many continuing expenses such as faculty salaries and plant maintenance.  In order to plan and maintain these services, income must be assured.  For that reason, it is expected that students will be enrolled for the entire semester.

In accordance with the above paragraph, refund of any portion of tuition and fees will be made only in the case of official withdrawal from the College through the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  The official date of withdrawal will be established by the Registrar.  Accordingly, the following refund schedule will be applied based on the withdrawal date:

Tuition and Lab/course Fees – Fall and Spring Semester

  • 100% prior to the end of the add/drop period

After the add/drop period the following schedule will apply:

  • 75% between the first and the fifth class day
  • 50% between the sixth and tenth class day
  • 25% between the eleventh and fifteenth class day

No refund after the fifteenth class day after add/drop period

Fees – no refund on fees after the add/drop period

  • Room – no refund on room charges after the first day of class after the add/drop period
  • Board – 50% of the unused portion at any time during the semester.
  • Lab/course fees – No Lab/Course fees will be refunded after the add/drop period.

The College reserves the right to charge a $100 administrative fee (as allowed by law) on withdrawals.

Summer Terms – Tuition and Lab/Course Fees

  • 100 % prior to the first day of class

Fees – No refund on fees

Room – No refund on room charges after the first day of class

A prorated refund calculation will also apply to all financial aid awards to be refunded to granting agencies in the following order of priority as prescribed by federal law and regulation: Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan, Subsidized Federal Direct Loan, Federal PLUS Loan, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Other Title IV Aid Programs, other federal sources of aid, state, private, or institutional aid, the student.

Each federal program will be refunded as applicable in priority order before refunding the next in order. The category of state, private, and institutional aid will be refunded proportionally. The student will receive any remaining refund.

Once all adjustments have been posted to a student’s account, refund checks due the student will be issued within fourteen days of the occurrence of a credit balance.

No fees or charges will be refunded to the student if the student has been suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons.

Any full-time student who drops below full-time status (twelve hours) to part-time status after the last day for check in will be charged tuition, fees, room and board at the full-time rate.