Honors Programs

As part of its commitment to academic excellence, Newberry College offers academic development through the Summerland Honors Program and Departmental Honors.

Summerland Honors Program

The Summerland Honors Program engages students with nuanced notions of leadership, community, and scholarship. During year one, students consider the role of the liberal-arts tradition in the 21st century, grapple with inquiry-based learning, hone research skills, and explore the implications of authentic engagement with community. During years two and three students select from designated honors courses in various disciplines before having an integrative capstone course in their senior year.

Summerland Honors Program courses fulfill Core Curriculum Requirements as designated in course descriptions.

Students enrolled in the Honors Program may sign up for up to 21 hours without being charged an overload fee.

Students completing the seven Summerland Honors Program courses with a minimum 3.0 GPA will be declared graduates of the program and will have their transcript and diploma so acknowledged. Honors Courses.

Departmental Honors

Individual departments may identify and approve outstanding majors during the student’s junior year to pursue an honors project during their senior year. To be accepted to work on an honors project, students must have achieved, by the time they complete 60 semester hours, a cumulative GPA of 3.5 for classes taken at Newberry College and a major GPA of at least 3.5 with at least 12 semester hours in the department in which the honors project is proposed.

During their senior year, a student must enroll for a minimum of six semester hours in an appropriate combination of independent study, senior seminar, or senior essay courses, under the direction of a departmental faculty member, to work on a major research project or the creation, composition, or performance of a major work of art.

Students should consult with the chair of their major department regarding availability of and guidelines for specific departmental honors programs. The successful completion of the Departmental Honors programs will be noted on transcripts and diplomas.

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