Institutional Advancement and Marketing


BILL NASH, Chief Development Officer (2023);
B.S., Jacksonville State University;
M.B.A., Jacksonville State University, 2014.

SHARON BRYANT, Associate Director Athletic Club (2006, 2022);
A.S., Piedmont Technical College, 1996;
B.A., Newberry College, 2011.

TIFFANY BELL HERRIN, Special Events Coordinator (2013, 2023)

IVY RICE, Advancement Services Manager (2020, 2023);
A.A.S., Business Administration – Accounting, Piedmont Technical College, 2020;
B.S., Newberry College, 2022.

LAURA BETH SHEALY, Assistant Director for Alumni Engagement and Communication, (2020).
B.A., Newberry College, 2016

BILL TILLER, Director of Development for Athletics (2021);
B.A.; Clemson University, 1988.

CAROL WEST, Director of Special Events (2020).


DAVID HARPOOL, Interim Director of Marketing (2023)
B.S., Missouri State University, 1983
J.D., School of Law, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1989
Ph.D., Saint Louis University, 1992

ALANNA BOOZER, Integrated Marketing Coordinator (2022);
B.A., Florida State University, 2002;
M.M.C., University of South Carolina, 2005.

MARSHALL MADDY, Internal Communications Coordinator (1992, 2022);
B.A., Iowa State University, 1983;
M.A., Drake University, 1991.

RUSSELL RIVERS, Director of Marketing and Communications (2017, 2020);
B.A., University of South Carolina, 1985;
U.S. Air Force Graphic Design & Illustration School, 1986.

JAY SALTER, External Communications Coordinator (2019, 2021);
B.A., Newberry College, 2019.