Leave of Absence

A Leave of Absence occurs when a student leaves the college due to medical or personal reasons and, at the time of departure, fully intends to return within one or two semesters. Students who seek a leave of absence (LOA) must.

The following conditions apply to all Leaves of Absence (LOA):

  1. The LOA/Withdrawal Form must be completed with a Dean in the Office of Academic Affairs and signed by all appropriate offices.
  2. The standard refund policy applies, if applicable.
  3. A student on LOA must meet the normal deadlines for applying for financial aid in order to be considered for funding for the semester in which the student plans to return.
  4. Commencing with the last day of enrollment before the Leave takes effect, a student who has taken out an educational loan has a six-month grace period before repayment of the loan must begin, as per federal policy.
  5. During the LOA, the student must follow the college’s Guest Policy when visiting campus.
  6. If a student is unable to return from an LOA within the agreed upon time, a request to extend the LOA may be granted by writing to the Office of the Registrar.
  7. If a student is unable or chooses not to return to the college within the agreed upon time of the Leave, the student’s status code will change from Leave to Withdraw. No action on the part of the student will result in the change of status.
  8. Students who are not in good academic standing or who face student conduct disciplinary action are not eligible for LOA.

Leave of Absence for Medical Reasons

  1. An LOA for medical reasons occurs when a student experiences a medical issue that requires time away from the college to address it.
  2. To request an LOA for medical reasons, the student must provide documentation outlining the issue, course or length of treatment to the Office of Disability Services from a recognized medical professional.
  3. As with any LOA, a medical LOA is granted for a specified length of time (usually one or two semesters) depending upon the nature of the reason for the LOA.
  4. When a student is granted a medical LOA during a given semester, the student will receive a grade of “W” or “I” as agreed upon by the student and the course instructor. The student should discuss this with a Dean in the Office of Academic Affairs and each course instructor. In the case of an “I,” if the student has not completed the requirements within six months of the start of the Leave, the grade will become a “W.”

Leave of Absence for Personal Reasons

  1. An LOA for personal reasons occurs when a student decides to leave the college for a period of time and is granted for a specified period of time— usually one or two semesters.
  2. A request for an LOA for personal reasons may be made to a Dean in the Office of Academic Affairs, and in some cases, in consultation with a faculty member.
  3. An LOA for personal reasons is approved by a Dean in the Office of Academic Affairs in consultation with the Vice President for Academic Affairs or the Dean of Students depending on the circumstance of the LOA.