Newberry Online Second Degree Requirements for Core Curriculum

Bachelor’s Degree

Newberry Online students with a bachelor’s degree from another regionally accredited institution seeking a second bachelor’s degree are required to complete at Newberry College the following:

  • A minimum of 30 semester hours, including a minimum of 12 hours in the major; the following Core requirements:
  • 3 credit hours in Religion
  • An Ethics course
  • One Writing Intensive (WI) course

Associate’s Degree

Newberry Online students with an associate’s degree (A.A., A.S.) from a regionally accredited institution seeking a bachelor’s degree enter bachelor’s programs under these policies:

  • Associate of arts and associate of science degrees (A.A., A.S.) count as a fully satisfied core, aside from 1 religion, 1 ethics, and 1 WI requirement. Religion and ethics may be awarded through completion of equivalent courses at other institutions.
  • Students who transfer with associate’s degrees must complete at least the last 30 semester credit hours at Newberry College and earn a minimum (transfer and Newberry College) of 120 semester credit hours in order to fulfill bachelor’s degree requirements.
  • Students who transfer, even with an associate’s degree, must complete at least one Writing Intensive (WI) course at Newberry College.
    • Students should refer to “Additional Guidelines for Transfer Applications” that may be applicable to their specific situations.
  • Students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science degree (A.A.S.): certain online programs have articulation agreements with the South Carolina Technical College system that will affect how the core requirements work. Please contact the head of the program or the Dean of Online and Gradate Education for more information.