Other Fees

Admissions Fee for New Students Each new applicant who intends to enroll pays an admissions fee of $300. This is to secure a place in the incoming class. This deposit is non-refundable after May 1.

Apostille Fee - $150.00; Students seeking this form of authentication must pay this fee to cover all college related costs.

Application Fee - A nonrefundable application fee of $30 is paid by each applicant for admission. This covers part of the cost of processing the application.

Athletic Insurance – Student Athletes may be required to purchase Athletic Insurance at their own expense. All athletes should contact Q M Services at 1-800-273-1715 ext 2, for additional information.

Auditing Fee - All courses are available on an audit (non-credit) basis. A fee of $50 per course is charged for individuals (except full-time students, for whom there is no charge) who wish to audit a course.

Credit by Examination Fee (CLEP) - Students taking examinations under this program will pay $77 for each examination.

Graduation Fee - Each candidate for graduation pays a graduation fee of $125 during the final term of attendance. This fee includes cap/gown, diploma, and diploma cover. Honors cords are provided through each individual organization.

International Students - Under the IRS laws any financial aid received over the amount of tuition charged may be subject to a 1042 tax. This tax may be added to the student’s account. Several countries have treaties which negate this tax. For more information visit www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayer/tax-treaty-tables or contact studentaccounts@newberry.edu.

Late Check-in - Student check-ins after the specified deadlines will incur a fee of $100.

Late Registration Fee - Students registering after the registration date specified in the catalog pay a fee of $75.

Late Registration Fee for May Term – Students registering for May Term after the start of the Spring semester will be pay a fee of $200 late registration fee.

Life Experience Credit Fee - Students awarded college credit for Life Experience will be charged $77 for the first credit hour, plus $60 for each additional credit hour.  The number of credit hours will be determined by each course.

Parking Permits - In order to be parked legally on property owned by Newberry College, students must purchase and correctly display a valid Newberry College parking permit. The cost is $ 120 per academic year. 

On-campus motor vehicle regulations and fines are listed in the Student Handbook. Failure to comply with vehicle regulations could result in a fine for vehicle immobilization.

Readmission Fee - Students seeking to be readmitted to Newberry College will be charged $100.00. This is a non-refundable deposit which will apply to tuition once a student has enrolled in classes.

Resident Student Advanced Arrival - Resident students who arrive before the designated time at the opening of a term will be charged a room fee of $25 per day. This fee does not include board costs. Residence halls will not be available for move in until 2 days prior to the normal check in and must be approved by the Dean of Student Affairs.

Returned Checks - A $35 fee will be charged for all returned checks.

Transcripts -  Official transcripts are offered at a cost of $ 5 each.  

ID Card Replacement: Your Newberry College ID should be carried at all times. You are required to present this card to any college official upon request. A lost, damaged or stolen ID card must be reported to the Office of Student Financial Services. A charge of $ 25 will be charged for the first replacement. Each additional replacement will be a charge of $ 50.