Residence Hall Options

Community Style Resident Halls


Academic Year
August –April

Brokaw Hall (Freshmen Hall)  
Standard Double Occupancy $6,600.00
Cromer Hall  
Standard Double Occupancy $6,600.00
4 Person Suite $6,600.00
Derrick Hall  
Standard Double Occupancy $6,700.00
Kinard Hall (All Male)  
Standard Double Occupancy $6,600.00
4 Person Suite $7,200.00
Smeltzer Hall (All Female)   

Standard Double Occupancy


Standard Triple Occupancy

4 Person Suite $7,500.00

Suite Style Resident Halls


Academic Year
August –April

Walker Hall  
Triple Occupancy 2 Bedroom Suite $6,800.00
Triple Occupancy 1 Bedroom Suite $6,800.00
Double Occupancy 2 Bedroom Suite $7,500.00
Double Occupancy 1 Bedroom Suite $8,600.00
Single Occupancy 2 Bedroom Suite $9,400.00
Oakland Mill (Jrs. & Srs. Only)  
Double Occupancy 4 BR Suite $8,050.00
Double Occupancy 2/3 BR Suite $8,050.00
Single Occupancy 2-4 BR Suite $9,100.00
Pearson Hall  
Double Occupancy $8,250.00
Single Occupancy $8,900.00


Newberry College has contracted the services of Metz Culinary Management to provide the College’s Dining Services for students, faculty, staff, and the community. Metz believes in creating environments of fun, relaxation and most importantly, a sense of community.

Enjoy dining in Kaufmann Hall with healthy options, fresh-from-scratch recipes, and locally sourced ingredients. Metz brings with it, two national brands, Freshens and Starbucks, which joins the campus' existing Chick-fil-A Express option. 

Resident students are required to select either the All Access 7 Day Plan or the All Access 5 Day Plan.  Oakland Mill residents will be required to select the Oakland Mill Plan or one of the All Access plans. Commuters can select the Commuter Block 30, either of the All Access Plans or the Oakland Mill Plan or flex dollars.