Student Financial Aid Programs

Newberry College offers federal, state, and institutional aid to all eligible students.  The term financial aid refers to need based grants, non-need based grants, merit scholarships, and educational loans.  Grants and scholarships are considered gift aid, and therefore do not have to be repaid by the student.  Loans must be repaid by students in accordance with their promissory note(s).  Listed below are some of the funding types that Newberry College is authorized to award:

Federal Programs:

  1. The Federal Pell Grant
  2. The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
  3. The Federal Direct Subsidized Loan Program
  4. The Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan Program
  5. The Federal Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Study Program
  6. The Federal Work Study Program
  7. The Federal Perkins Loan Program (No Longer Awarded)
  8. The Federal TEACH Grant
  9. Veteran’s Benefits
  10. ROTC Scholarships

More information (including eligibility criteria) can be found online at,, and

State Programs:

  1. The South Carolina Tuition Grant
  2. The South Carolina LIFE Scholarship
  3. The South Carolina HOPE Scholarship
  4. The South Carolina Palmetto Fellows Scholarship
  5. The South Carolina Palmetto Fellows Enhancement Scholarship
  6. The South Carolina LIFE Enhancement Scholarship
  7. The South Carolina National Guard College Assistance Program
  8. Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

For more information about LIFE, HOPE, PALMETTO FELLOWS, and NGCAP please visit

For more information about the South Carolina Tuition Grant, please visit

For more information about Vocational Rehabilitation Programs, please contact your local State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Institutional Programs:

  1. Academic Awards: given to students in recognition of demonstrated scholastic ability
  2. Athletic Awards: given to student-athletes in recognition of demonstrated athletic ability
  3. Need Based Awards: given to students based on demonstrated financial need
  4. Non-Need Based Awards: given to students based on the award’s specific requirements
  5. Residential Assistant Room Allowances: given to residential assistants.

Endowed Scholarships:

The college has a large number of endowed scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to students based on the individual restrictions set forth for each scholarship. There is no application process for endowed scholarships. Endowed scholarship funds are used by the institution to underwrite the academic scholarships that are awarded directly by Newberry College. Students who are awarded an endowed scholarship are required to write a thank you letter to their respective donor.

Private Scholarships:

Private scholarships are scholarships that are awarded from someone other than Newberry College.  Private scholarships checks will be posted (in their entirety) to the semester during which they were received unless otherwise specified by the scholarship provider in writing. Beginning Spring 2021, private scholarships will only be added to award letters once actual payment has been received from the scholarship provider. Scholarship checks should be sent to the following address:

Newberry College
ATTN: Office of Financial Aid
2100 College Street
Newberry, SC 29108

The student’s full name and student identification number should be clearly written on the memo line.