Summer Session

Two terms of four weeks each are offered in the College’s Summer Session. The Curriculum is designed for students wishing to begin their college work early, for students desiring to accelerate their progress or to make up work, and for teachers fulfilling credential and certification requirements. The Summer Session includes key courses from most departments, special workshops, and courses to upgrade or renew teaching certificates.

New students desiring to attend the Summer Session should make an application to the Office of Enrollment Management; currently enrolled students desiring to attend a Summer Session should register in Wolf Den during the preceding Spring semester. Students may take up to seven semester credit hours each term.  A student desiring to take more than seven semester hours needs permission from the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Students completing coursework for the baccalaureate degree during the summer session receive their degree as of the last date of summer session.  Awarding of Degrees.

A Summer Session Bulletin is published each spring.