The Application

Newberry College uses a rolling admission schedule. Students may apply at any time and receive an admission decision shortly after their admission credential files are complete. Students are notified if their files have missing documents.

The priority deadline is March 1; students considering the College are encouraged to apply as early as possible, in order to secure a place in the incoming class and to receive priority consideration for institutional scholarships, grants, and other financial aid awards. Academically proficient juniors may apply for early consideration prior to their senior year in high school, with the provision that admission to the College is conditional upon the student’s sustained high academic performance throughout the senior year.

All candidates are encouraged to use the College’s electronic application forms, found online at

Students are either admitted as degree-seeking or non-degree students. Non-degree students should refer to Special Students.

Newberry College Verification of Identity Policy

Newberry College issues each student a unique identifier number at the time of application. This ID # follows the student throughout their enrollment. It does not change, so it serves as one method of validation. Upon acceptance the student self-selects a unique password that allows protected access to Jenzabar, the college’s information management system and course management system.

At the time of enrollment the student is given a unique e-mail address and self-selects a unique password that protects access to the e-mail account. Students who login to Jenzabar or to their e-mail account provide assurances to faculty of their identity for online courses requiring interactions via discussion boards, establishing written patterns between instructor and student, or other course related written exercises and assessments.

Newberry College Projected Additional Charges Associated with Verification of Identity

Newberry College does not charge additional fees for verifying student identity upon initial enrollment. Students enrolled in courses which require proctored assessment may take those exams free of charge on the Newberry College campus. Students taking a proctored assessment over the internet may be required to use a proctoring service such as ProctorU.  Fees for using these third party services are not included in regular tuition and fees and are the responsibility of the student.