The Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success at Newberry College, located in Wessels Library, is a division of Academic Affairs in collaboration with Student Affairs. The mission of the Center for Student Success is to support each student’s educational goals by offering opportunities to enrich and enhance their academic environment. This mission is reached by working individually with students to assist in creating a personalized plan enhancing academic knowledge and life-long skills.

The following units comprise the Center:

Career Services

The Office of Career Services seeks to facilitate career development for all Newberry College students.  All students begin the career exploration process early in their freshmen year. This process is initially facilitated through the use of assessments with supplemental programming designed to focus students on their strengths, interests and passions. Upperclassmen are encouraged to participate in career development programs and employer events relevant to their chosen career path. Various job fairs and employer activities are scheduled throughout the year to help students obtain internships and fulltime positions. Career and professional development training is offered to all students and is designed to prepare students to articulate their skills and career goals and present themselves appropriately in social and professional situations. Students will also understand personal branding, the use of social media in job search and networking and have a well-developed marketing plan with resumé and cover letter. Additional information concerning career services may be obtained by calling (803) 321-5362.

Disability Services

Newberry College provides support and assistance for all students with a diagnosed physical or learning disability, although it does not provide a special program or curriculum for students with identified disabilities. Our objective is to recognize and address the particular needs of individual students so as to enhance their opportunity for academic success.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, specifies that students must formally notify the collegiate institution of their disability in order for the institution to provide reasonable accommodations. Professional documentation of the disability or disabilities must be furnished no later than two weeks prior to the desired commencement of accommodations. In addition, the legal and/or medical documentation must be current within a three-year period prior to the student’s enrollment at Newberry College. All documentation, requests for information, etc., must be sent to the Office of Student Disabilities Services.

The student is responsible for ensuring the required documentation is sent to the Office of Student Disabilities Services and arranging a meeting to request a formal Academic Accommodations Agreement.  This agreement must be reviewed each semester at the request of the student. The Office of Student Disabilities Services will monitor each identified student’s progress and interact with the student and his/her instructors, as necessary, to ensure that the College is complying with all requirements.

In addressing students with disabilities, Newberry College carefully considers students’ right to privacy and handles all disabilities-related documentation and communication in a highly confidential manner. If parents of students with disabilities wish to be included in meetings and communications with the Office of Student Disabilities Services, they need to make sure their student signs the appropriate waiver, upon enrollment, as required under The Buckley Amendment. Newberry College does not provide student disabilities-related documentation to any third parties except as required by law. All student disabilities-related documentation is destroyed when the student graduates or otherwise ceases to be enrolled at Newberry College. Additional information concerning student disability services may be obtained by calling (803) 321-5187.

Academic Support

Academic support is available to any student free of charge. Academic workshops are offered throughout the fall semester on topics such as time management/organization, note taking, study skills, and exam preparation. The Center for Student Success staff is also available for one-on-one assistance at the request of the student or via faculty/staff referral. Additional information concerning these services may be obtained by calling (803) 321-5362.


The Center for Student Success works closely with various campus departments/offices in helping students to cope with barriers and roadblocks. This includes coordinating student interactions with faculty, staff, and other students, ultimately helping to promote student success in social and academic development. The Student Success Center’s intent is to provide students with the challenges and support they need to be successful in and out of the classroom.

Diversity Education

The Office of Diversity Education and Inclusivity (ODEI) is housed in Keller Hall Office 206 and collaborates with different entities across campus. The primary purpose of this office is to support the Quality Enhancement Plan, the strategic plan, and the mission and goals of Newberry College through educational programming efforts relating to diversity.

   Newberry College values all forms of diversity and believes that it enriches one’s educational, social and personal growth experience. Diversity cannot thrive without inclusivity and in order for all to obtain future success in a global society, students must learn to interact positively in a diverse environment.