Transcripts will be issued by the Registrar upon the receipt of a signed request by the student or alumnus.

Transcript requests are also available through Parchment on the website on the Registrar’s page under Academics.  Requests may be sent either electronically or by paper.  Many institutions will not accept transcripts that were received by the student and forwarded to the school.  It is the responsibility of the student to verify an institution’s policies before requesting a transcript.  A credit card is necessary to place an electronic request.  Transcripts dated before 1991 cannot be sent electronically.

A student requesting an unofficial copy of a transcript will be charged $1 for each paper copy, which can only be obtained in the Office of the Registrar. A fee of $5 is charged for each official copy. An additional fee of $2 is charged if the transcript is faxed.

Students who withdraw from Newberry without notifying the Registrar will not be entitled to a transcript.

The College will not issue a partial record; all failures, incomplete grades, and academic restrictions are shown.

Transcripts will indicate if students withdrew from Newberry College because of academic ineligibility or disciplinary action. 

No transcript will be issued for students in default of the payment of College fees or charges.