Newberry College Online Core Curriculum for Undergraduate Degrees

Rising out of the Core Curriculum, the Newberry College Online Core Curriculum for students accepted into the Newberry College Online program is designed to help students build a solid educational foundation emphasizing intellectual and personal development, meaningful vocation and engaged citizenship in a global society. The Liberal Arts Core Curriculum enables students to explore the following principal areas of knowledge: humanities and fine arts, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences and mathematics.

Requirement Credit Hours
Online Academic Success (COL 110) 3
Freshman Composition (ENG 113) 3
Oral Communication (SPE 110) 3
College Algebra (MAT 111) or higher 3 – 4
Quantitative Literacy 3
Lab Science 4
Humanities & Fine Arts 3
Ethics 3
Global Learning (HIS) 3
Global Learning (SOC/PSY/PSC) 3
Religion 3
TOTAL 34-35
Graduation Requirement 1 Writing Intensive Course